Valet at Gallery5 - 1/2019


About Valet

VALET is an artist-run venue invested in community involvement, diversity, and cross-disciplinary ventures in the metro Richmond area. Supported by a small group of passionate individuals, VALET aims to create an inclusive space for artists to showcase their work.

Works from: Travis Austin, Mitchell Craft, Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz, Jason Samuel Wright, Miranda Wagner, Sarah Harvell, Christian Michael Filardo, Troy Scully, Mallie Sanford, Soojin, Rachel Hahn, Derek Setzer, Cameron Spratley, James Ferrell, Robert Barrientes, Noelle Choy, Johnny Acura, Izzy Pezzulo, Chris Daharsh, Sam Morgan, Kenly Craighill, Ben Copolillo, Eli Gray, Barry O'Keefe, Keri Frances, Thomas Sheehan, Devin Hein, and Laura McAdams