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The Impossible Show (Burlesque + Drag)

The time has come. We know you have been wondering.. We know you have racked your brains thinking.... how?

Within the world of music, there are songs that are considered very sexy or "Baby Making Music". Then there are those that you would never look at in a sexy way. This show is for those songs. All the musical scores previously thought IMPOSSIBLE to make sexy.

Your lineup of amazing DMV performers will be chosen at random and given a random song to strip to and make sexy. They will not know what song they are dancing to until they are on stage and in position.

get ready to laugh, cry, be, turned on, and have your childhood ruined!

The show is 18+
Tickets are:
$15 in advance
$20 at the door
$25 for VIP (there is a limited number)

Hosted by Lottie Ellington
kitten by Lolita Mars

Ricky Rosé
Ruby Whipstitch
Sweet Pickles
Baron Atomy
Selene Noire
Cate Hysteria
Sally Stardust
Melody Magpie

You're going to love this!