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G5 July First Friday: Lance Bangs / Hala / BOYO

Gallery5 X Citrus City Presents: 

First Friday fun at Gallery5~ come out & enjoy musical performances from two amazing touring acts & one of Richmond's finest ~ 

Lance Bangs (RVA) - GB Technicians blessing us with a rare set

Hala (Detroit) - CC alumni gracing us with their charm & introspective lyrics. making their VA debut

BOYO (LA) - one of Danger Collective Record's finest. psych-pop goodness that goes well with two beers or ten. also making their VA debut


Lance Bangs • 
Name changes can mean a lot of things for a band. Reshuffled lineups, abrupt stylistic shifts, religious conversions, cease and desist letters. With Lance Bangs however, the outfit formerly known as Collin Thibodeauxx hasn’t so much reinvented as evolved. Live drums replace MIDI samples, recording fidelity is more Crooked Rain than Alien Lanes. Gone are the reverb-laden, dreamy guitars of 2015’s Nothing Buttrock, but their follow-up, Lance Moutain, rightfully preserves its predecessor’s energy, economy, and attitude. A steady diet of live shows has tightened the trio’s approach to songwriting, instilling more brashness, more confidence, into their latest studio offering. Instilled with thewillingness to improve their musical abilities the Richmond trio are certain to turn a few heads. 

Hala • 
Ian Ruhala, better known as HALA, has been writing/recording music for several years now, and at the age of 20, he is already a singer/songwriter veteran.

BOYO • BOYO is the pseudonym of 20 year-old singer-songwriter Robert Tilden. Tilden's been kicking around the LA DIY scene since he was 16 years old, spending the better part of it fronting the garage band Bobby T. and the Slackers. Me, Again, the follow up to his debut Control, taps into his sense of vulnerability, taking on themes of isolation, addiction, and regret. The album is a jagged collection of garage rock and soft DIY indie and noisey pop music, channeling everyone from Ty Segall to Elliot Smith to Deerhunter.