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Ice Cream Social Presents: Abdu Ali / Trillnatured / DJ Des / Baby Momo / DJ Jafar Flowers / DJ Sofia Lakis

Doors 8pm / Show 9pm
DOS Sliding Scale Donations $5 - $10 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds) 

% $ ^ & # * .FEATURING. * # & ^ $ % 

⇝⇝⇝ DJ Abdu Ali (BALTIMORE) ⇜⇜⇜
"Abdu Ali aka dj ABDU ALI, is an independent music artist, writer, DJ, podcast host, and multimedia arts curator based in Baltimore. Ali has released five musical projects, all notable for their idiosyncratic blend of punk, futurism, jazz, Baltimore Club Music, and rap music, with lyrics yielding poetic uprise to to interrogate ideas of identity as well as narrate and promote individual and collective liberation from oppressive ideologies and systems. Through their work as a rapper, curator, op eds, and outspokenness via social media/interviews Ali, has been elected as a radical underground Baltimore music and cultural figure. Ali, is also the founder of Kahlon, an iconic underground party that radicalized the artistic climate and made space for marginalized musicians in Baltimore. Unapologetically black and queer, Abdu Ali’s work is bold, raw, and most importantly life-affirming."

⇝⇝⇝ Trillnatured (BALTIMORE) ⇜⇜⇜
"Trillnatured is one of Baltimore’s upcoming underground DJs, representing Balti Gurls a collective promoting queer poc artists. Her party 'Version' that happens at The Crown just won the Baltimore City Paper award for best party in the city! Her mix for us gives us all the genres but none of it lacks any heart. Rocking between club, dancehall, house music and much more we’re given a window into Trillnatured’s expansive way of approaching DJing without limiting herself leaving us with a mix that keeps us smiling and vibing throughout."

⇝⇝⇝ DJ Des ⇜⇜⇜
"I spin the tunes you'll dance to while the world burns"

⇝⇝⇝ Baby Momo ⇜⇜⇜
"Mo is an aspiring pop artist, musician, dj, and producer based on the east coast out of Richmond, VA. They are most passionate about creating community spaces for LGBTQIA folx, Black & Brown people, Disabled, and otherwise marginalized persons to heal, give to each other, explore art, and of course, music. Mo founded Lez Pop Records to create a platform embracing creativity and supporting queer femme creatives."

⇝⇝⇝ DJs Jafar Flowers x Sofia Lakis (Ice Cream Support Group
"Jafar Flowers is a force to be reckoned with."

"She lives music. See about her."

% $ ^ & # * # & ^ $ % 

share space, unwind, close ur eyes & feel the music tbh

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