Richmond & Transportation: Happy Hour & Panel Discussion

Public transportation is taking off in Richmond. The Pulse Bus Rapid Transit system has arrived on Broad street. New bike lanes criss-cross the city, and the GRTC has redesigned routes, and expanded its range into surrounding counties. In this discussion we’ll talk about how new projects are impacting the city, and what still needs to change to make Richmond accessible and connected.

Max Hepp-Buchanan - Director of Riverfront and Downtown Placemaking
Ross Catrow - Advocate and Organizer, RVA Rapid Transit
Carrie Rose Pace - Director of Communications, Greater Richmond Transit Company

We'll open doors at 5pm and allow a chance for folks to visit the bar and mingle. At 5:45pm our host and Chair of the Gallery5 Board of Directors, Prabir Mehta, will begin the event where you will have a chance to get some quality time with our expert panelists on one of the most important topics facing our city!

This event is free and open to everyone.

Rivanna Youngpool